Our Story

Building its foundation of innovation, dedication and passion since 2001, Realstar’s unwavering focus on landed properties and good class bungalows consistently delivers results as the agency has brokered more than $16 billion worth of landed properties to date.

Our Founder, Mr. William Wong

Recognised as an industry expert in luxury     property, William is frequently featured by national papers for his insights. In 2011, his success with Realstar Premier Group won him the ‘The Entrepreneur of the Year’ award from ASME and The Rotary Club of Singapore.

Homes for the Exceptional

With a keen sense of the market movements and a rare expertise in the landed property market in Singapore, our experts will be your trusted advisors in your real estate journey.

Realstar, the leading bungalow specialist

Good class bungalows are the cream of the crop and one of the most  prestigious assets one can own in Singapore. 

It is thus a proud feat to have smashed our own records by capturing 40%* of the GCB market share in 2020 with a small but elite sales team. 

*based on URA caveat on 7 Jan 2021


  • 2022

     Winner of The 2022 Enterprise 50 Award. 

    An exclusive award recognizing the       

    50 most outstanding local companies.

  • 2021

    A banner year for Realstar

    which brokered 31 GCB deals

     -  “the highest in a decade”

  • 2020

    Captured 40% of Good Class

    Bungalow market share with less

    than 55 realtors and broke our own


  • 2011

    Mr. William Wong’s 

    success with Realstar won him 

    ‘The Entrepreneur of the Year’

    Award from ASME and The Rotary 

    Club of Singapore

  • 2001

    This year marks the humble

    beginnings of Realstar Premier




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