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Bungalow Sales Agents!

1. Already passed your RES course?
2. Not sure which route to take?
3. Always wanted to work in the Landed arena but lack the know how?
4. Don't want to pay any marketing costs?

Want all of the above and get paid a monthly basic allowance as well?

Sounds good?

Let us guide you! As the leading Bungalow specialist, Realstar will guide you to realise your potential!

Join our team of real estate professionals today!

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Realstar adopts a stringent and selective recruitment of sales candidates as we believe that only the top sales professionals or talented up-and-coming rookies are able to meet the company‘s requirements in servicing high net-worth clients. Our sales professionals are either highly experienced real estate agents or corporate sales representatives with years of experience servicing successful and wealthy clients. As in many MNCs, it is not uncommon for candidates to go through more than 3 rounds of interview before they are roped in as sales professionals.

Important attributes that Realstar looks for in a candidate are:

  1. Pleasant disposition
  2. Confident
  3. Service Oriented
  4. Attentive to details

Candidates who have what it takes can do a free profiling of their potential by clicking here

Can you see yourself achieving a Million-Dollar transaction?
What about $20 million in 6 months?
How about A Billion Dollar Sales!

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

This book is specially dedicated to all who have soaring aspirations and those who are still looking for the breakthrough that they deserve. It is a must-read for those who are thinking of venturing into real estate sales.
You will:

  1. Learn to work smart in a highly competitive environment!
  2. Start learning TECHNIQUES that can really bring you results!
  3. Getting the full commission you deserve!
  4. How to TRIPLE your sales leads from your advertisement!
  5. What does it take to be the suave negotiator, WINNING over deal after deal!
  6. How you can QUADRUPLE your sales within the next 12 months!
  7. PROVEN METHODS top performers use to optimize their sales!

And many more....

The first book ever to be written which BARES IT ALL!

If you own a real estate company and desire results, then read on.

If you want to aim at your market and competitors, then read on.

If you want to learn the secrets of the top performers, then read on.

If you want to learn the strategies and tactics from a fighter who has been there and survived, don't leave home without this book!

I am about to reveal to you everything you need to know about capturing the market share, getting the optimum results by focusing on what you have and to emerge as a Champion Realtor within a year !!

My name is William Wong and I am commonly known as The Mentor in the real estate industry in Singapore. Having transacted close to 600 properties and trained up to 10,000 sales individuals to date, I am about to share my 10 years of real estate experience and techniques to all who aspire to be the cream of the cream in real estate arena. Something that you'll learn from this book will shock you in their simplicity, and others will be entirely new. Everything you learn is usable immediately. All you have to do is take the time to digest every idea in the 'Billion Dollar Challenge' and incorporate the ideas and techniques in your existing strategy to obtain maximum results. It's that simple.

The Absolute Guide to Begin Your
Billion-Dollar-Challenge Quest

Billion Dollar Challenge

More Than 100 Pages of
VALUABLE Techniques and Strategies

Here is what you will benefit from this book:

  • You'll learn the keys to success and how to prepare yourself for the future competition in real estate.
  • You'll find out the traits of a champion realtors and how you could model them to obtain optimum results.
  • You'll discover your sales personality and how to optimize your core competency to achieve peak performance.
  • You'll learn how to develop your own tracking system so as to do the most productive things daily.
  • You'll learn how to identify a territory to work on and to emerge as the number one market share leader in the territory within a year.
  • You'll learn how to develop mailers that generate overwhelming response from the public.
  • You'll learn the secrets to successful door-to-door cold calling.
  • You'll master the one touch one kill telesales technique that would generate continuous stream of appointments.

For a limited time I am offering this book for a
one time payment of only S$48/-

Want some proof? Here's what other realtors, agency leaders are saying about 'Billion Dollar Challenge'

I used to be grossing close to $100,000 before I pick up the strategy of Capturing the No.1 Market Share in Chapter 5 of the book. I was amazed at the tremendous breakthrough of using the methods outlined. Now, I gross close to half a million on an annual basis.

- David (Singapore)

My days as a realtor were normally non productive till I started to work on the tracking system as proposed in the book. Nowadays, I would say that I'm very focus on a day to day basis on what I need to achieve and fortunately, my sales have doubled ever since I start to use the tracking system.

- Pamela (Singapore)

I used to have problems convincing the owners in giving me the exclusive marketing rights to market the property. Nowadays, I can confidently walk out of the house with an exclusive marketing rights at a attractive brokerage fee. Thanks to the ideas and strategy shared in the 'Billion Dollar Challenge'

- Julian (Singapore)

These are just some of the comments that I've received from satisfied users of 'Billion Dollar Challenge'. You can join this list for a very attractive investment cost and start getting optimum results in your sales today!

If you are still not convinced, here's more.....

  • You'll learn how to do a power presentation to secure exclusive marketing rights for the property at attractive brokerage fee.
  • You'll learn how to handle almost all possible objections and resistance from customers involved in the real estate transaction.
  • You'll learn how to develop an effective marketing plan and feedback mechanism so as to sell every property under your care.
  • You'll learn to be a top negotiator and many other methods of closing technique used by the top performer.
  • You'll discover the proven methods of long lasting referrals systems employed by the millionaire realtors.
  • The methods that I teach in the 'Billion Dollar Challenge' are proven strategies that you can start today to achieve the kind of results you aspire!!
  • Give it a try and you will be glad that you did.....

For a limited time I am offering this book for a
one time payment of only S$48/-

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